Coming Soon!

I’ve been giving some thought about what this site should be. Not a lot of thought mind you, so it might change. But here is an idea and please scroll to the bottom to tell me what you would like to see.

My story

I like researching east coast winter storms. Actually, I obsess over them. And I have been doing this for over 30 years. I started a blog called New York Weather News and still retweet a bunch of stuff and try to curate snow content but it didn’t really get noticed much. When I was little, would pray for snow. Every morning and every night, I would call in my daily high and low temperature and precipitation observation to The Rockland Climatic Station. Mitch Mayers would then send it to the local newspaper. Here’s a picture from my local paper from 1989 to prove it!

If you wanted do you know what the weather will be like when I was a kid you looked in the newspaper. The Weather Channel started and if you were lucky enough to have cable TV and you were a weather freak, you watched it for hours on end like it was HBO. My father introduced me to a man named Dr. Mitchell Mayers who was an adult weather nut. He used computers to get amazing things like get grainy satellite and radar images and print them on a dotmatrix printer. I was enthralled by all of this. I still love technology and the weather, especially snowstorms. I wrote a research paper on ENSO in 1995 that helped me get into the atmospheric science program at Cornell University but I couldn’t picture myself becoming a meteorologist. I switched to business and followed my other passion (technology) for a bit. Now I have a corporate job and do this on the nights and weekends during the winter for fun.

Today you can go on Twitter and any yokel with a pivotal weather account can harness the power of super computers to produce a model forecasting the precise snowfall 184 hours out. It’s always wrong, but it’s all out there unlike when I was a kid and you really needed to study it. Within 30 seconds on twitter you can see more than it would take two hours for Mitch and I to download over Compuserve. And it would take another hour to print it by the way.

So what does this have to do with you? Or this blog? Well I still need an outlet for my weather geekiness and you may need one too. I am going to share “weather stuff” and I would love the space to become a community for anyone that shares my passion for weather to join in.

When I look at all the content that’s out there I see a need to curate it, bring only the most accurate and measured discussion. I am not formally trained and the stuff on twitter can be too technical so I would like it stay at a lay person’s level. It probably won’t. I love skiing and there are some great apps for finding good snow. I’ve also seen a need for a place where observers can report snow totals and for people to see snow totals more easily then how the National Weather Service report them. I have dabbled around building apps for that and maybe this will have some of that too. Not sure.

So I’ll start blogging about snow storms here. My goal is to find some content that people want to see and produce more of that. I won’t have ads and I won’t charge subscription fees. I’m just looking for like-minded people to contribute content to this blog. So if you wanna join me or have thoughts or If you have thoughts on what you want to see, please leave a comment here.